How I Started Saying Yes!

“A Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Place. But Nothing Ever Grows There.” 



Can I admit something to you? I’m full of excuses.

“I’m too tired to work out, I’ll go tomorrow.”

“I can’t go out tonight, work was exhausting.”

One of my main goals in 2017 is to STOP the madness!

I was always a “yes” girl… Last minute decision road trip for a concert? Count me in! Inside skydiving? Lets do it! A night out with friends? I’m there!

To be honest, I have no idea what changed inside my “yes” girl noggin. It could’ve been when I had Smudgy that the feeling of responsibility took over my carefree attitude. Or the feeling of exhaustion saying yes to everyone (as most women do). We say yes to please people and I, my dear, consider myself a flying purple people pleaser. (Get it? 🙂 ) So I started saying no. I thought that was the answer to my problems. I didn’t say no to everything but sadly no became an overused part of my vocabulary. Going out? Nah, Pj’s feel soooo much better. As did my comfort zone.

After awhile the feeling of not enough excitement and “yes’s” in my life seeped in, making me feel like I was losing myself. My Hubby even asked me one day what happened to the adventurous girl he used to know? Ouch, right? As much as that stung, he was right. I started realizing, I don’t want to look back on my life and realize how many adventures and new experiences I missed out on because I’m a party pooper. 

Think about it, do you realize how much you actually say no? Besides the fact that “no” sounds extremely negative, every no is a missed opportunity and a missed adventure. Every time that “no” word escapes your mouth, a little bit of you fades away. Yes’s mean a chance to learn and live. 

Now, how exactly was I going to start saying yes?! I’m glad you asked 🙂

-FIND YOUR MOTIVATION. Mine was my family. I needed to say yes to going out on more adventures, giving Smudgy memories that would last a life time. 


-SET A GOAL. Start small if you need to. For instance I set a goal to say yes to 3 things a week that I would normally have made an excuse to say no to. 


-ACCOUNTABILITY. I told Hubby my goal and asked him to remind me of it every time I said no. When I declined an opportunity, he would politely remind me of the woman I wanted to be again. Having someone there to keep you accountable helps in any goal situation.


-CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Remember your reason to be motivated and say yes. Honestly though, what’s the worst that could happen?


Now I understand I can’t say yes to everything. But I want the amount of yes’s in my life to out number my amount of no’s. 

Saying yes has led me to have more fun. I’ve made memories with friends I would never had made if I turned down invitations. I’ve seen places I never would’ve seen, and I’ve meet people I never would have met. Some of my yes’s have failed and I landed straight on my butt. But those one’s that fail make the ones that don’t that much more satisfying. 


Be daring, be spontaneous. Say YES to a new adventure. Say YES to a new, fuller life.


Share what you are going to start saying YES to below!







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