Smudge VS Fridge

I want to tell you a story today. My favorite story. The day Smudgy decided to head butt the fridge.

You see, my smudge likes to eat. And eat. And eat. Sometimes, not the best things. Like that day; he wanted 3…yes 3 ice cream sandwiches. I gave in to the first two and let me tell you… in minutes they were GONE. DEMOLISHED. But of course for any two year old, two is never enough. On the floor he went, kicking and screaming. We had to put our lovely lock on the fridge which did not deter him as he hung like a monkey from the fridge handles. We tried hard to ignore the high pitched screaming and crocodile tears. Two time outs later we though we got him to a reasonable state of “ok-ness” but yet like any parent knows it is never that easy.

Have you ever seen New Girl? Whenever the character Nick is in any awkward situation he moon walks out of the room. Smudgy likes to do the same in any situation. Don’t ask.

He moon walked his way backwards to the farthest edge of the kitchen. I sat at the island not even fathoming what would happen in the next few seconds. It was as though smoke blew from his nose and he placed his head in a downward position and RAN. You guessed it. Straight towards the fridge, head butting it in full force. He fell straight to the ground and looked at me in disbelief. “You good?” I asked laughing. Before you judge me, I know my child and he was fine. No bump, no harm done. It was then he realized there was no entrance to his mythical Narnia of ice cream sandwiches. He settled for his banana and retreated to his safety of the couch and Mickey Mouse club house.

Moral of the story… Smudgy is a nutcase!




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