Podcast’s You Need in Your Life

My new obsession…Podcasts.

Now that I’ve started a new morning routine I actually have time to listen to them! My alarm goes off in the most godly awful hour in the morning, OK, maybe 6 am is that bad… but that’s not the point! I drag myself into my bathroom, turn on the light that always seems to feel like your looking directly into the sun, and turn on my favorite podcast of the week! I have a few different ones I listen to regularly from parenting to inspirations, ect. These Podcast’s have become a critical part of my day, helping me to refresh in the morning with a new state of mind.  Each Podcast is different, each person with their own unique view on life, lessons, and inspiration, and that’s what I love about them. These women are how I get my inspiration and positive vibes throughout the week. I have learned to always have a mentor or a voice breathing fresh and motivational air through you daily.

Today, I have compiled a list of my favorite podcasts for all you fierce and fabulous friends out there that need some laughs, inspiration, or just some fantastic women to relate too:

  1. The Marie Forleo PodcastThere is no  doubt this woman would be my #1! She was named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and her goal is to help you become the person you want to be. She has a no holds bar way of approaching life and doesn’t let you forget it. She is my must go to every single morning!
  2. The Lively Show with Jess LivelyAnother one of my main “go-to’s” as she has such an uplifting spirit and way to start your morning. She talks about everything from habits, relationships, and your carreer. Jess – if you’re reading, can we be best friends? 🙂 
  3. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey – If you don’t listen to any of them, atleast listen to this one. Jamie and her guest of the day discuss anything and everything as if you were just sitting with your tribe. They make me laugh and cry all at the same time. I love just listening to women talk about some of the simplest to some of the largests things in life and making it hilarious the entire time.
  4. Raise Your Hand: Say Yes! with Tiffany Han – This one is for all my femme bosses out there, the girl boss on a mission. Tiffany is on a mission to change the way creative women intereact with their dreams. She will ihntroduce you to the creative adventures of extra ordinary people and teaches you to have more of your own. 
  5. Confidence on the Go – Trish Blackwell – This pretty much is summed up in the title. All of her episodes are full of tips and tricks for using self confidence in your daily life and how to over come many obstacles you will face! 
  6. Mom Is In Control – Heather Chauvin – I love this podcast for so many reasons, her upbeat attitude, her go getter lifestyle, and the fact that I can relate to her on such a mom level. She is the type of women to listen too if you want more out of life, more motivation, more inspiration, and more support. 
  7. The Femme Boss Podcast- Rachel Gadiel – This was this first ever podcast I listened too which lead me to connect with many more beautiful women. Rachel has inspired conversations with amazing entrepreneurs that dive deep into the realities of what made them take their leap of faith into their own careers. 

There are a plethora of different types and styles of Podcasts and these are just a few of my favorites. I dare you to find some of your favorites, the ones that inspire you, help you, and motivate you! It couldn’t hurt! 

When you find your favorites let me know below! I would love to check them out too!!


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