My April Goals

My Goals For April

It’s the beginning of a beautiful new month. I’m typing this outside on my back deck while I hear the birds chirping and the cherry blossom tree’s are swaying in the distance. It’s been raining for weeks, maybe even months over here in the lovely PNW and today is one of the first days of sun. Naturally, once Smudge was down for his nap, I grabbed my computer and jolted outside. Basking in the sun has put me in a fantastic mood thinking of all the things I need and want to accomplish this month.

I’ve always been a crazy list lady. You can find them on my fridge, in my bedroom, about three on my desk at work…everywhere. Of course, with no surprise, I started my Goal’s For April List. I’ve decided to start doing this at the beginning of every month, each with a different theme. Sharing these you will hopefully inspire you, but mostly keep myself accountable.

This month’s theme: Bettering Myself


    I feel as though the key to a new successful month is to start it off on the right foot. I’ve noticed when I wake up earlier I’m more awake during the day and get more things accomplished. Also when I wake up before anyone in the house I’m able to gather my thoughts, get ready, and listen to my podcasts in peace (and peace doesn’t happen very much in my house)!


    With the sun in hibernation the past few months the last thing I’ve wanted to do is work on myself. When there are only days and days of clouds it doesn’t make you very motivated. But no matter the weather this month I need to push myself to get to the gym or get outside and work. Fresh air and endorphin’s are the best things for your body.


    I’m challenging myself this month to live by the new mantra “this is joy”. Too easily do I get worked up about little things or take other things for granted. When I let myself get worked up my day goes to H E double hockey sticks. I’ve noticed saying this during certain situations tends to keep my head above water and reminds me of the great life I truly do live and to be grateful. (New Blog Post Soon About This!)Setting goals and learning to achieve them leads us down a journey to what we really want in… Click To Tweet


     Like every month and day I strive to be a better wife to my Hubby and a better mommy to my Smudgy. It’s not that I’m a bad mom or wife but we, that goes for everyone, can always work on themselves and be a better person than they were yesterday. The specific things this month will be practicing more patience towards Smudgy and kindness towards Hubby.


    With the sun starting to peak it’s little head out, it’s that time of year for adventures. Being stuck inside for what seems like forever has me ready to hike the highest mountain and walk for miles. Well, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. But I’ve been putting together a list (no surprise) of all the best places to adventure to in the PNW and I’m ready to cross some off! Plus you can only binge watch sooo much Netflix before your head explodes.

Goals are something to set daily, weekly, and monthly even yearly. Some are easy and quick yet others are more long term and harder to achieve. Setting goals and learning to achieve them leads us down a journey to what we really want in life. It also forces us to be honest with ourselves, if the goals are set correctly we end up traveling down a yellow brick road of happiness that we actually want to be on!



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I challenge you to make goals this month that will make YOU a better YOU! 

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’ve decided!

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