She’s My Little Red Butterfly

Let me tell you about my butterfly. 

She’s red. She’s beautiful. She shows up when I need her the most.

She is my grandma. My Nani.

My grandma passed away when I was 23. I was 8 weeks pregnant and only got to tell her a few days before she passed.
She was the epitome of an Italian grandmother. Always sitting in a chair in the kitchen, wearing her apron, and ready to smother you with hugs and kisses. My butterfly, you see, was the center of my entire family.

I want to share with you the story of my butterfly in hopes it brings you even a tad bit of peace that those who have passed still watch over us…


I was the first of 5 grandchildren to get married. My wedding day was the most beautiful day of my life (besides having my Smudgy). It was on the Pier behind the Seattle Aquarium, where 350 of my closest family and friends joined us to celebrate.
That morning was perfect. I had a perfect brunch with only my mom, and watched all my excited bridesmaids scurry to get ready. That morning I was also given my most precious memory and gift. A blue Butterfly pin that my grandpa had given my grandma while they were dating. I squeezed my grandma tight and attached it to the guarder under my dress.

Not long after… my cousin had his wedding. Once again, a beautiful summer day, where nothing seemed to go wrong. My grandmother once again gave his wife, the bride, another beautiful butterfly pin.

And the last wedding of our family, was my only girl cousin and my best friend. My grandma had passed shortly before and never had the chance to watch her walk down the aisle or give her her own butterfly pin. My cousin who had received the last one passed hers on to this cousin. Her dress was beautiful that day, it laced all the way down the back. Placed at the very bottom was her butterfly pin for everyone to see.
That day was emotional for many reason but one in particular.

This was the exact butterfly.

As my grandfather and the bride embraced and danced the entire room filled with tears. My grandma’s non existed presence left a large void and no one could ignore it. But all the sudden a calmness came over the crowd when a hand pointed all the way up to the ceiling. Above them, perched peacefully… was

a red butterfly.

You see, we were all wrong. She might not have been there in person but she was there in spirit.

It still hurts every day, and it’s a loss I will never get over but I have my special reminder. Any time I see a red butterfly, I know that she sent it to me. To remind me I’m loved and she’s up there looking down at me, guiding me through life.

I love you Nani. You will always be my Butterfly.

Your Princess 

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