Mommy Isn’t Ready

Mommy Isn’t Ready.

Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks as two little pink lines stared back at me. Daddy and I embraced in joyfulness, jumping up and down at the new adventure lying ahead.

We had waited a year for this moment and we were ready.

9 months in my tummy and you decided to nestle in a week longer. I labored for 3 days with you little Smudge, the worst pain that I knew would be ending up in the most amazing joy.

Mommy was ready.

There you were for the first time in my arms, nothing in this world could go wrong. I swore to you that day that I would never let a thing hurt you. Your eyes wandered the room where all of your family stood. It was an amazing moment seeing all the love surrounding you.

This is your family, little Smudge. You’ll need love and we were ready.

You grew, you grew, and you grew. You sat up straight, your eyes shined a beautiful shade of bright brown, and your smile looked more like your daddies everyday. You were growing up faster than I could catch up.

Please slow down, I beg, mommy isn’t ready.

Surrounded by all of our family and friends, Daddy and I watched you turn 1. A football in hand and already able to throw it. You were faster than fast, smiling even larger, and “Momma” and “Dada” rang clear as a bell.

Stop growing up please,Little Smudge, mommy isn’t ready.

You’re two now. You love sports like your mommy and cars like your daddy.  You speak in full sentences and love to play outside in the rain. We even have our own secret handshake “dude”!

Your hair is getting darker every day and your dimples are becoming more pronounced. You don’t need us to do much for you
anymore. What happened to that little boy who needed his mommy?

I watch you when your sleeping every night and wonder what in the world did I do right to have blessed with you.

Please stop growing up so fast little Smudge…

Mommy isn’t ready.


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