Mantra’s Aren’t Just For Buddha

Mantra’s Aren’t Just for Buddha

Happy Sunday Lovely! Today I have a little Surprise Sunday Post! As many of you may know my mini family and I are moving down to sunny San Diego! I have been slacking on my blog the last few weeks and I just want to apologize! My hectic life has been getting the best of me which is why I wanted to surprise you today with just a little post to get my creative juices flowing again! 

Now that we have that out of the way, lets talk about my favorite part of my morning.

Each morning when the entire house is still sound asleep and the sound of snoring dogs fill the air, I grab my daily gratitude journal and I write for 30 minutes. But before I begin writing I pick a mantra for the day. Something inspiring, that relates to my life currently. I repeat that mantra 10 times out loud, with intention and awareness each time I say it, until I believe it truly within myself. Doing my daily mantra gives me empowerment for the beginning of my day, strength throughout the day, and gratefulness at the end of the day. 

Are you thinking, Lauren what in the hell are mantra’s? Well gorgeous let me tell you…

Mantra’s are defined as a sacred utterance, affirmation, or meditative cure. I know, I know that wasn’t helpful was it? Well, mantra’s are used more regularly as repeated affirmations that benefit us through repetition and reflection. Repeating helps us gain suggestive strength and energy by connecting us to the present moment and by giving us a stronger mental foundation. 

With all the thoughts circling in our brains like bee’s, taking up valuable space, no wonder we lose our direction. Most day’s going to work isn’t anyone’s ideal day…like almost everyone’s. Although, think about this, if we start those works day with repeating positive phrases of affirmation aren’t we bound to have a better mind set as we walk towards our 2 x 2 cubical and sit all day with Borris in the cubical next to us clipping his toenails over his desk. It will hopefully keep you grounded as one of those toenails flies over the wall and lands into you perfectly heated, perfectly brewed cup of coffee that you waited 30 min in line for at an Starbucks, where that particular Starbucks you chose was overrun by idiotic teenagers. But I digress…

Back To Mantra’s…My Bad

There are many different types of mantras. Each one activating a different and particular kind of energy in a different part of the body. Without saying it with truth, meaning, and awareness mantras are just a repetition of unfulfilling words. Although when having awareness of the words you are saying it can be very powerful. 

I’ve been taking about mantras a lot lately as they have become a very mainstream idea. But contrary to what many think to see them as more of an intention they are actually extremely different. Mantra means to transport the mind to enter a deep meditation. If you use your mantra as a seed for helping an intention bloom instead of just as an intention itself, then like a flower, when you nurture yourself using mantra’s  you will then see the change in yourself over time. 

One New Mantra Each Day Will Help You:

Realize Your Power –to make real, lasting change in your own life.

Boost Self Esteem – Self Reflection and Awareness 

Empower Your True Self – With confidence, conviction, and an awakened heart

My Favorite Daily Mantra’s (Repeat Once Daily 10x):

  • I choose calm over anxiety
  • Today I will not stress over the things I can not control
  • I will go confidently in the direction of my dreams
  • I am enough – who I am is enough- what I do is enough – what I have is enough
  • Today I let go of what no longer serves me
  • My willpower is stronger than any habit 
  • My imagination and power are limitless. Nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams.
  • I am aglow with enthusiasm as I work toward new goals
  • I love myself, I believe in myself, I support myself
  • May my heart be brave, my mind be fierce, and my spirit free
  • I am control in my actions and emotions
  • I choose to be happy
  • I have the freedom and power to create the life I want 


And so many more… Stay tuned for my Daily Mantra Challenge! 





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