Goal Setting Helped Me Lose 70lbs!

Have you ever made a New Years resolution? I’m pretty sure you have, as have most people. But did you actually follow thru? I couldn’t even tell you what my resolutions were last year, so that has to tell you something!

BUT one thing that I knew needed to happen was to lose my dreaded baby weight. I gained 70, yes 70 pounds while pregnant with Smudgy!! That’s a lot for my 5′ 3/4″ frame. (The 3/4″ matters 🙂 ). 

I thought that setting goals was just a thought in my head of “Hey, I guess I’ll try and loose this weight now.” Or posting motivational quotes and how excited I was to go to the gym on Facebook. Surprise, Surprise. Facebook and my cute workout pictures didn’t help me loose any weight. I needed to learn how to set a goals the proper way.

With starting my new blog I’ve had a lot of time to think about my goals and how to accomplish them. I wanted to share with you my process of successful goal setting…

Define Your Success 

As Christina from Gathering Joy says, “No one knows what your success looks like but you”. I needed to decide exactly what I saw in my future. And for me that was to be a mom who could keep up with her toddler. Who by the way, could out run the Energizer Bunny!

Write Out a Plan

For me, writing helps me process my thoughts. So I wrote out exactly how I was going to loose the weight. I wrote up a  workout schedule and typed up my meal prep sheets. I set a goal each month of how many pounds around the belly line I was going to shake off.

Finally Commit 

Do you really want this? Is the goal you’ve been thinking about while reading this post worth all your time and energy? If you answered yes, as I did, then committing should be as easy as Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk. Do whatever you need to do to carry out your goals. Write it on your calendar. Keep yourself accountable.

And with a surprise even to myself… I lost the weight! It wasn’t easy. I went back to my old ways many times. It’s quite alright if you do too. We are strong women, we pick ourselves back up and grab our goal by the horns.

I have every faith that you can conquer your goal. No doubt.

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