Embracing The Change

Change happens everyday in all of our lives. Some find it easier to accept than others. But no matter how much we resist it’s inevitable. Change is hard. PERIOD and everyone handles it differently. Some grab their little zone of comfort with a death grip not even The Rock could escape from and others strap on their parachute of possibilities and jump out of that plane eyes closed and head first.

My life is changing as we speak. I am currently being engulfed by moving boxes and bins, stuffed animals galore, and 3 dogs that barely have any room to lay down but the couch. We are eating with plastic forks and drinking my wine out of red solo cups. Last night I spent hours with Hubby looking for places to live because one week ago exactly we decided to strap on our parachute and jump head first into our new future.

Yes, change is scary and I still question our decision once in awhile but I’m not the type of girl to live with “what-if’s”.

I read a fantastic blog post by Lizz at Embracing Purple about ways to embrace change in our lives. My favorite blog posts are the ones I stumble upon that relate my life at that moment! You can check out her amazing article here! Lizz says that change is a difficult adjustment and I couldn’t agree more. But it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You need to learn to embrace the change in your life because resisting will just cause more pain.

“Change is never painful. Only resistance to change is painful” – Buddha

Here are some of the best tips I’ve heard and implemented in my life on how to:

Embrace Change


Throw away things you don’t need at home. De-clutter your life. Throw away tired ideas and old routines. It’s time to start over, become a new you in a brand new skin. The only way to move on is to shed the old you that is weighing you down from your future.


This is one of my favorites that I learned from Katherine Russel Rich in her article 10 Ways To Embrace Change. People have a hard time embracing change in others especially if they don’t like the life they are living. Many will judge, question, and point out all of the negatives. But Lovely, you need to stay strong in your decision and stay true to yourself. Just respond with a “really?” as their negative words go in one ear and out the other.


Changing with your own free will ends up more likely to be positive than continuing down a path of negativity until life forces you to change. When you are consciously aware of change it is much easier. Find those new opportunities. Search for change.


Know where you are going and what you need to accomplish. The clearer the picture the more motivated you will be.


Find the silver lining. Ask yourself, how will this change help me? Maybe it won’t right now but maybe it will down the road. Find the actions and attitudes you need to make this change a positive experience.



The decision to move our family to California was a tough one. We would be leaving almost all of our family behind. Changing the routine of a 2 year old and changing our own routine that we had gotten so comfortable with. We were living in a little bubble of comfort. Wake up, go to work, go to sleep. Every….Single….Day. But we are a family that can’t sit still. We tried for two years but it just never felt right. Then when the opportunity presented itself…sun, sand, and no more rain 105 days in a row. Well who could resist!

Sunday we will be all packed up and on our way to our new adventure. Yes it’s scary. Yes we are nervous. Yes it’s a big change. But darling, we embraced it. Find that thing you are scared of, the change you have been resisting, and jump out of that plane. Life is grand and has so much to offer. You just need to find it.


“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates





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  1. This is so organically true. It’s our human nature to resist change… but change is the way of the universe so might as well move with the change and with the flow of life. I love the stories with your family 🙂 congrats on the move to California! I found myself dreaming of sunnier places this past winter!
    Love the blog as well! Glad to start a similar journey with you!