About Lauren


Hey everyone! Like the title says, I’m Lauren!

I’m a 25 year old mom of a wonderful 2 year old little boy and a wife to my amazing husband of 5 years. I’m a Disney lover, adventure seeker, and full time Seahawks fan! I’m a complete extrovert, my favorite color is teal, and family is everything. I sometimes ramble about nothing and everything. Italian runs through my veins which makes me loving yet feisty. My husband and I work together at an 8-5 (it’s not as crazy as it sounds I promise!). We love adventure and you’ll find us always bouncing around from one activity to the other. Or on the other hand being home with a glass of wine is pure perfection. Life is pretty hectic and we are far from perfect; which is exactly why I’ve started this blog…

I wouldn’t call myself a “perfect momma” or even close… but I try my hardest. I’m not as crafty as I wish I could be or as cooking savvy as my husband wishes I was 🙂 But, if you’re like me and have area’s you want to work on or just need a freakin’ mom to relate to… then you have stumbled upon the right blog. I’ll help you with some tips and tricks on how I navigate my way around new mommy-hood, we’ll learn some awesome DIY’s, and maybe I’ll throw in some Italian family recipes!

I’m extremely excited that you’ve decided to visit my first ever blog, so thank you!

Love always, Lauren