7 Tips To Stop The Dreaded Temper Tantrums

You can sense that it’s happening… your little ones face gets all red, tears well up in their eyes, and that cute little bottom lip quivers. They are about to have a meltdown in 3…2…1… now all eyes in the store are on you. Some nosy woman is shaking her head while others look at you with some sort of empathy. It sucks, plain and simple.

 When my Smudgy got to that age I honestly didn’t know how to handle it. I started getting as upset as him! Stupid, I know. Unlike in your home, in a store you can’t walk away from your screaming little one in a cart to catch your breath.

Tell me bellow what you do to stop a scream fest!


  1. Stay calm and breathe. They feed off your emotions. If you’re aggravated…so are they.
  2. Don’t laugh at me on this one… try to talk calmly to your little one.
  3. I place my hand on Smudgy’s chest or stomach and breathe in an out at a steady pace while looking him in the eyes. Your little one will hopefully follow suit.
  4.  If you can, find out whats really aggravating little one. This is hard since their vocabulary isn’t more than 30 words. But like most mommy’s you can sense more than they can say.
  5. Create a diversion. Pull some hidden arsenal from your wonder purse. If your smart, you’ll have stashed juice or snacks, even a favorite toy in your Mary Poppins bag.
  6. And if all else fails, ignore it. This is probably the most effective at home, yet most embarrassing in stores. When we are out in public I do have a harder time with this one then my husband. He pretends it isn’t happening. When little one see’s that you don’t really care and aren’t reacting to their volcanic eruption, they kinda stop caring too.
  7.  And my favorite tip, maybe because I grew up in a lovingly overbearing Italian family; give them a ginormous, fat, loving hug. Make little one feel secure, loved, and like you are listening.


 Like I always say, to each their own in these situations. Don’t judge those mommy’s in stores with their little one screaming 3 aisles over. What works for you might not work for anyone else. I calm Smudgy down with as much love and patience as I can. How do you?


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